The PEACE ARCH STAMP CLUB


                                                        is very pleased to present a donation to


                                                             Variety - the Children’s Charity BC


                                                                              August 8, 2019 



                         Variety – the Children’s Charity provides direct help to children with funding

                           for medical care & services, mobility & communication equipment and

                                                                        therapies & education.


                                                                   Please see


                      The PEACE ARCH STAMP CLUB, through the many stamp collection donations

                                and subsequent monies raised, is able to donate to this great charity. 


                                         Jennifer Shang & Josh Pasnak, Variety - the Children’s Charity  


                              Doreen Leishman, Walt Dakers & Terril Leishman, Peace Arch Stamp Club 

variety 1.JPG