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Scott # Designation Descriptions *

As suggested by W.Dakers*,PASC

Scott # Designation Descriptions

AR    Postal Fiscal

B     Semi Postal

BK    Booklets: Panes & Covers

C     Air Post

CB    Air Post Semi-Postal

CBO   Air Post Semi-Postal Official

CE    Air Post Special Delivery

C     Air Post Registration

CL    Air Post Semi-Official

CLEU  Scadta Stamps

CM    R.F. Overprints

CO    Air Post Official

CP    Commemorative Panels

CQ    Air Post Parcel Post

CVP   Computer Vended Postage

CVUX  Computer Vended Postal Cards

D     Pneumatic Post

E     Special Delivery

EB    Semi-Postal Special Delivery

EO    Special Delivery Official

EP    Encased Postage Stamps

EY    Authorized Delivery

F     Registration Stamps

FA    Certified Mail

FX    Registry Exchange Labels

GY    Marine Insurance

H     Acknowledgment of Receipt

I     Late Fee

IRC   International Reply Coupons

J     Postage Due

JQ    Parcel Post Postage Due

K     Offices In China – Shanghai

L     Local Stamps

LB    Carrier’s Stamps

LO    Carrier’s Stamps

LOX   Official Seals

LU    Local Stamps

M     Military

MH    Machin Head – Great Britain

MQ    Military Parcel Post

MR    War Tax

N     Occupation – Regular Issues

NB    Occupation – Semi-Postal

NC    Occupation – Air Post

NCB   Occupation Air Post Semi-Postal

NCE   Occupation Air Post Special Delivery

NE    Occupation – Special Delivery

NIMH  Machin Head – Northern Ireland

NJ    Occupation – Postage Due

NO    Occupation – Official

NP    Occupation – Newspaper

NRA   Occupation – Postal Tax

NRAJ  Occupation – Postal Tax Due

NSC   Numismatic Souvenir Cards

O     Official Stamps

OA    Perforated Official Stamps – Perfin

OAC   Perforated Official Air Post Stamps – Perfin

OAE   Perforated Official Special Delivery Stamps – Perfin

OC    Perforated Official Air Post Stamps – Perfin

OCE   Perforated Official Special Delivery Stamps – Perfin

OX    Official Seals

OXA   Official Seals

OXF   Official Seals

OY    Life Insurance

PC    Postage Currency

PN    Postal Note Stamps

PR    Newspaper & Periodical Stamps

PS    Postal Savings

Q     Parcel Post

QE    Special Handling

QI    Postal Insurance

QO    Parcel Post – Official

QR    Parcel Post – Postal Tax

QY    Parcel Post Authorized Delivery

R     Revenue Stamps: General & Documentary Stamps

RA    Postal Tax

RAB   Postal Tax Semi-Posta

RAC   Air Post Postal Tax

RAJ   Postal Tax Due

RB    Revenue Stamps: Proprietary

RC    Revenue Stamps: Future Delivery

RD    Revenue Stamps: Stock Transfer

RE    Revenue Stamps: Cordials & Wines

REA   Revenue Stamps: Beer

REF   Revenue Stamps: Fermented Fruit Juice

RF    Revenue Stamps: Playing Cards

RG    Revenue Stamps: Silver Tax

RH    Revenue Stamps: Cigarette Tubes

RI    Revenue Stamps: Potato Tax

RJ    Revenue Stamps: Tobacco Sale Tax

RJA   Revenue Stamps: Narcotic Tax

RJM   Revenue Stamps: Marihuana Tax

RK    Revenue Stamps: Consular Service Fee

RL    Revenue Stamps: Customs Fee

RO    Revenue Stamps: Private Die Match Stamps

RQ    Revenue Stamps: Unemployment Insurance Stamps

RS    Revenue Stamps: Private Die Medicine Stamps

RU    Revenue Stamps: Private Die Proprietary

RV    Revenue Stamps: Motor Vehicle Use

RVB   Revenue Stamps: Boating Stamps

RVC   Revenue Stamps: Camp Stamps

RVT   Revenue Stamps: Trailer Permit

RW    Revenue Stamps: Hunting Permit Stamps

RX    Revenue Stamps: Distilled Spirits Excise Tax

RY    Revenue Stamps: Firearms Transfer

RZ    Revenue Stamps: Rectification

S     Franchise

SC    Souvenir Cards

SMH   Machin Head – Scotland

SP    Souvenir Pages

T     Telegraph Stamps

TO    Telegraph – Official

TS    Treasury Savings Stamps

U     Stamped Envelope & Wrappers

UC    Air Post Stamped Envelopes & Air Letter Sheets

UO    Postal Savings Envelopes

UX    Postal Cards

UXC   Air Post Postal Cards

UY    Postal Cards

UZ    Official Postal Cards

W     Stamped Envelope & Wrappers

WMMH  Machin Head – Wales & Monmouthshire

WO    Official Envelopes & Wrappers

WS    War Savings Stamps

WV    Sanitary Fair Stamps

WX    Christmas Seals

X     Postmaster’s Provisionals

XU    Postmaster’s Provisionals

Z     Prefecture Postage – Japan

ZB    Prefecture Semi-Postal – Japa

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